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How to Become an Air hostess

How to Become an Air hostess

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Who is an Air hostess

How to Become an Air hostess? The flight attendant is one of the most famous professions in India that many young graduates would like to do. The job of the air hostess is like a dream for the girls.

In this profession, you not only get good career enthusiasts, but you also get to know different people from around the world, see different places, know celebrities and business tycoons and learn a lot.

Air hostess

The job of a flight attendant seems easy, but she has many jobs on the plane, and it’s not an easy job.

It must welcome each passenger, coordinate their actions in complete safety, facilitate the passenger’s flight, guide the passenger during the installation of the seat, and much more.

In addition, the flight attendant must serve certain difficult passengers and remain patient and calm. Most women choose the career of a housewife, but men who choose a race are called “administrators”.

The flight attendant can be promoted to the flight attendant and then senior assistant.

The flight attendant career spans an average of 8-10 years.

Employers also prefer candidates with experience in related jobs. If you want to become a flight attendant, think about your experience at a hotel, resort or restaurant.

Airlines require applicants to have at least a high school education or equivalency diploma (GED). However, many only hire university graduates, usually with degrees or associate degrees in hospitality, communication, tourism, and public relations.

The hostess must meet very specific physical needs. To be included in a flight attendant training program, you must be at least 18 years old, physically fit and tall enough to fit in the trunk.
Your vision must be correctable at least 20/40. Your weight can also be a problem.

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What is the work of An air hostess

Typically, air hosts are assigned multiple tasks that must be performed for each flight. I have analyzed several vacancies and have found that the following are the most common for this profession.

The primary duty of flight attendants is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. Administrators review emergency and safety measures, including demonstrations of the use of the equipment, before taking off. They also meet the needs of passengers, serve food and drink, and care for sick passengers when needed.

Air hostess

The hostess is responsible for training and helping passengers during the descent and descent. They ensure the safety of passengers in their seats when the plane takes off, and that all debris and lost objects have been removed and protected. After the plane landed, the flight attendant took the passengers out of the bags and took them out of the plane.

Lovers are generally subjected to a pre-flight inspection which includes testing and ensures that all protective equipment is in good condition. After the landing process, flight attendants carry out a post-flight inspection to make sure that all passenger items have been removed and that the seats and trays have been moved to the correct positions. They were able to easily clean the cabin as part of their post-flight duties.

Eligibility of an air hostess

Requirement Criteria (Air Hostess) Criteria (Flight Steward)
Age 18 – 26 years (age limit might vary for different institutes) 18 – 26 years (age limit might vary for different institutes)
Educational Qualification 10+2 standard (Science, Commerce, and Arts) 10+2 standard (Science, Commerce, and Arts)
Marital Status* Unmarried (mostly preferred) Unmarried (mostly preferred)
Languages Hindi, English and other languages Hindi, English and other languages
Height 5 feet and 2 inches 5 feet and 10 inches
Colour complexion Clear Complexion Clear Complexion
Eye-sight 6/6 uncorrected in both eyes 6/6 uncorrected in both eyes

Salary of an Air hostess

Indian airlines
Here you will find average salaries for beginners with two years of experience.

Air India: 40,000/ month
Jet Airways: $ 55,000/ month
Display: Rs.35,000/ month
SpiceJet: 30,000 / month
IndiGo: Rs.3.500 / month
GoAir: Rs. 29,000 / month
AirAsia India: Rs 28,000 / month

Foreign airlines

Singapore Airlines: Rs.55,000/month

Etihad Airways: Rs.60,000/month

Delta Airlines: Rs.60,000/month

Course to become an Air hostess 

Certification courses

Air transportation and catering.
Hospitality trip and customer service
night check
Aviation Management
Flight attendant/flight search system
Aeronautical hospitality and travel management
International airlines and travel management.
Private pilot training
Training as a professional pilot
Flights and tourism
Airport Area Administration
RT / Air radio flight officer
International air traffic
Virgin Atlantic / GTMC certified ticket sales course
Personal development course
Aviation Safety Certificate.

University Courses:

Aviation and hospitality.
Training for hostesses
Aeronautical hospitality and travel management.
Certificate of the professional presence of the cabin crew
Diploma for professional ground personnel services
Diploma in airport management and customer service.
Diploma in Aviation Management
Diploma in airlines and travel management.
Diploma in-ground assistance and freight management
Diploma in hospitality, travel and customer care.
Aviation diploma and documentation
A training certificate for ground staff at the airport with training

Degree programs:

BBA (aviation)
MBA (Aviation)
Postgraduate student in aviation and hospitality
Postgraduate diploma in ground handling at airports
Postgraduate students in aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service.

The best Indian universities offer hostess courses:

Memorial College of Aeronautics named after Rajiva Gandhi, Jaipur
Hostess Academy, Pune
Avalon Academy, Dehradun
Hostess Academy, Delhi
Frankfinn Hostess Training Institute, Delhi
Frankfinn Hostess Training Institute, Mumbai
Host Universal Academy, Chennai

Best air hostess training institute in Delhi

  • Name of the Air Hostess Institute:-  Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, New Delhi

Address:-  C 12, Vishal Enclave 2nd Floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, India.

Contact Detail:-  + 91 – 011 – 2517 0644

  • Name of the Air Hostess Institute:-  Ambiance Fly Institute of Air Hostess Training

Address:-  2nd Floor, Plot 160, Palam Extension, Sector 7 Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110077

Contact Detail:- 072900 13655


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